Who We Are

simpleITS is an information technology service provider dedicated to helping small businesses find the appropriate IT solutions for their business needs. Based in Newport Beach, California, we specialize in providing communication and IT services to growing companies that do not have an IT department or that outsource their IT. simpleITS is the only Ooma “Preferred Partner” in California.  We have dedicated ourselves to quality service by delivering state of the art, cost-effective solutions.

simpleITS was started by Pushpa, an entrepreneurial-minded, highly motivated and experienced former senior GE executive, as a way to help small business implement the latest phone communication and IT services, while at the same time reducing/eliminating exorbitant phone charges by national carriers.

Since then, simpleITS has grown to provide a wide range of IT services to businesses across California. We cater to start-ups and small businesses of all sorts.  We offer a full suite of services, including simple configuration of hardware, business phone systems accommodating up to 20 users, internal cloud setup, networking and cabling, on-site and remote support services, and all levels in between.We always provide our services at an affordable cost, and we’re dedicated to the financial future of your small business.

Contact us to discover how simpleITS can help your company meet its business and financial goals.

Our specialization

Business Class Phone Systems
On Site IT Services
Web Design Services
Cloud Services