With Ooma Office you’ll be more professional to your customers. Ooma Office offers reliable phone service and advanced enterprise-grade phone features like a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, and music-on-hold. And when your business grows Ooma Office can expand with your needs. All this starts at only $19.95 per month.

Choose the Ooma Office product that fits your business needs.

Whether you’re a one person business or 20, run your business on-the-go from an office, Ooma has the solution for you. Businesses that are not always operating from a physical place may prefer Ooma Office for Mobile. Businesses that need desk phones will be best served by Ooma Office with its base station unit that plugs into your high-speed internet.

  • Ooma desk phone(s)
  • $19.95
    30 day money back guarantee
  • Use your desk phone(s) to run your business in your Office.
  • $399.99
    One time hardware and programming cost
  • $19.95
    Monthly costs starts at (plus applicable taxes and fees)
  • Great for businesses that utilize analog desk phones
  • Great for businesses that utilize IP phones


Big business features

Virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, music-on-hold and much more.

Affordable pricing

Unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada starts at only $19.95 a month.

Keep your number

Port your current phone number for free or choose a new local or toll free number.

Use mobile phones

Make and receive calls as if you were in the office, using the Ooma Office mobile app for iOS and Android.

Enterprise-grade phone service built for small business

All-inclusive price

Each Ooma Office account includes a local and toll-free phone number of your choice, a virtual fax extension, and a conference extension.

Grows with your business

Supports up to 20 users. Each additional user is only $19.95/month and includes a phone number and virtual fax.

Flexible phone options

Users can access the phone system from a regular analog phone, an IP Phone, and a mobile smartphone via the Ooma Office app. Users can forward calls to ring multiple phones at once including mobile phones.

Unlimited calling in U.S. and Canada

No more surprise long distance changes; always the same low monthly rate.

Keep your number

You can port your existing number to Ooma Office for free.

Always be accessible

The system can handle simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls with incoming calls rolling over to voicemail. Your customers will never hear a busy signal.