We are so grateful for your assistance. After we moved in the panic was compounded by the surprising claim that the only supposed provider quoted significantly over $300.00 a month for hi speed internet, and an ADDITIONAL $130.00 A MONTH for basic phone service under a 3 year contract. Thanks to Simple ITS we did not have to go that “route”!

Once the internet service was actually resolved, the multi user Ooma system that has the full array of office functionalities at a fraction, (service charge less than $30.00 plus fees and taxes per month) of the cost WITH NO CONTRACT met all our needs perfectly! I am so impressed with the quality of calls, ease of use and functionality that I had Simple ITS implement an Ooma system for my home as well. I highly recommend Simple ITS and Ooma for everybody!

Mike MackManaging Partner, Law Offices of Michael J. Mack
Gary Mastin

After i moved my office to new premises, i needed a phone system that would accommodate 5 users. I was quoted $3, 000 for the hardware and installation, with a monthly service charge of $240.00 under a 3-year contract.

Luckily, one of my staff attorneys referred me to SimpleITS. They installed a complete Ooma system with a monthly charge of $50.00 plus taxes and service fees (and no contracts). They ported my existing numbers over without any interruption to my business.

I also needed a cloud system for my remote attorneys, and SimpleITS implemented my own secure cloud system with backup.

We are completely satisfied with the Ooma system, which is more than ample for our future growth plans. We are grateful to SimpleITS for their expertise, professionalism and training. I would recommend SimpleITS and Ooma phone system system to any of my peers or any small business owner.

Gary MastinManaging Partner Mastin Law Firm
Mark T.

We recently switched our office phone system from At&t to Ooma. I was referred to Simple ITS for configuring our new phone and fax system. They went above and beyond with their services. Not only did they successfully set up our entire office, theywere prompt to answer any questions we had at any given time. They were very knowledgeable about the product and how our office could benefit from it. We are very satisfied with our phone setup thanks to SimpleITS’s hard work and dedication. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is thinking of going VOIP, we switched and couldn’t be happier. Thanks again Simple Its.

Mark T.Office Manager - KAL LAW
Rowena C., Esq.

After a 21-minute hold and another 12 minutes on the phone with a “representative,” I successfully canceled my AT&T line.  Thank you SO much for the fantastic deal.  I’m already so impressed with Ooma’s features and can tell it’s going to make my job and make running my business much more efficient.  You deserve all the success in the world.

Rowena C., Esq.Principal - Medina Seto Law Group
Tommy M.

Simple its installed a new business phone system for us when we relocated our offices to Westminster. We were very pleased with the pricing and the transition from the old system to the new system was flawless. They helped get everyone up to speed and have always given us great service when we’ve needed it. If you are looking for a phone system for your office — I can recommend them without reservation. Super AWESOME!!!

Tommy M.Principal - Tommy Mai Financial

Simple ITS is fabulous.  I have Ooma Office phone system; my phone bill is about $60/month plus tax.  I was able to keep my original phone number and Simple ITS made the transition seamless.  Result:  I have a much better system with great call clarity, and I’m saving over thousands of $/year.  Thanks, Simple ITS!

Jules.JB Diamonds

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