Here’s Why You’re Still Getting Robocalls and What You Can Do About It

Election season is upon us – polling numbers and sound bite analysis fill the airwaves. There’s another sound that becomes all too familiar during election season – the sound of the incessant ringing of phones due to unwanted robocalls across the homes of millions of Americans.

In May, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said in a blog post “Last year alone, we received more than 215,000 complaints related to unwanted and intrusive calls and texts.” Certainly thousands more went without a complaint. In the same blog post Wheeler went on to say “…telephone companies can – and in fact should – offer consumers robocall-blocking tools.”

So, why are unwanted robocalls still such a major issue? Let’s have a look at few telemarketing and robocall myths.

Myth: Listing a phone number with the Do-Not-Call Registry will eliminate all robocalls.

In fact, the Do-Not-Call Registry doesn’t protect consumers from calls made by non-profits and political pollsters.

Myth: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protects consumers from all unwanted telemarketing calls.

The latest order of the TCPA provides an exception that allows banks, pharmaceutical companies and health care providers to send a limited number of communications containing vital financial or medical information to consumers–without their consent.

At Ooma, we help our customers take control over their phone systems by providing technology specifically designed to combat telemarketers and robocallers. We offer three distinct types of blacklists, which are lists of phone numbers that customers would prefer did not reach them.

On average, we block 26 calls per month for each blacklist subscriber and the system gets better over time as new feedback from the community rolls in. Here are a few details on our blacklist features:

  • Personal blacklist: The Personal blacklist is your list of phone numbers that you don’t want to hear from. Customers can add and remove numbers from the Personal blacklist whenever they’d like.
  • Expanded blacklist: The Expanded blacklist taps into a third-party database of confirmed telemarketers, robocallers, and phone spammers. When an Ooma customer enables the expanded blacklist on their account, they will be protected from unwanted and unsolicited calls from nearly 900,000 known sources of phone spam.
  • Community Blacklist: The Community blacklist contains thousands of phone numbers that are known sources of spam and telemarketing calls. When an Ooma customer enables the community blacklist on their account, they’ve instantly blocked phone numbers that the Ooma community has collectively found to be invasive or annoying.

So, before you get another annoying unwanted call, see how our robust blacklisting features can bring you some peace and quiet this election season and beyond.

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